Hello, I'm Joyce Odera

Nice to meet you!

About Me

I can help you get more customers with words and creative concepts.

I’m a writer and product researcher with an uncanny craving to understand and nudge consumer behavior. My skillset has grown to include a keen nose for sniffing out behavioral patterns, strong editorial skills and versatile creative writing skills, apt at establishing a consistent tone across traditional and digital media. On most days I do all the writing from business proposals, to ad copies and creating presentations, on other days, I proffer a creative direction. Most times, I do both.


I earned a Bachelor of Science in Economics in 2016 from Caritas University, Nigeria. Over the years, I have taken a bunch of short courses on consumer behavior, behavioral economics and digital marketing on sites like FutureLearn and edX.

My Portfolio

*Regrettably, this covers a limited range of my competences, as there are additional samples that cannot be displayed as requested by clients.

Ultra Ng

Product Research & Development

From idea conceptualization to product framing, copywriting, UI/UX flow and currently, market testing and reframing: 

Book Reviews

It’s the candor of Ogilvy is refreshing. This book is a haven for old and juicy tips and guidelines on advertising and copywriter. Must have reread it three times and I still get something useful every time.

This is not an easy book to read, it reminds me of econometrics. But, it is highly relevant especially in today’s COVID-19 situation. This book explains the how to create meaningful experiences for your customers and charge a premium for it.

I love this book! You definitely need a notebook and pen for this one. I recommend listening to the audiobook and then reading from the top again to absorb as much as possible. I found most of the concepts to be applicable in the real business, however, the finance section wasn’t as explanatory as I would like.

My Gallery

I take random pictures on my iPhone for fun. All pictures are available for prints.